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Our goal is to build the best boats that the world has to offer. We combine expertise, innovations and outstanding Swedish design.


Boats that are customizable to your own preferences

The INNOVATOR 62 Niklas Holmér edition is the first boat design that has ever been built for a customer in collaboration with Niklas Holmer, one of the co-owners of Fly Dressing. The goal of this collaboration was simple, to built Niklas Holmer his dream fishing boat.
It perfectly describes our way of working. We build a boat according to your preferences and wishes by using a well-designed hull. The result will be your dream boat, neatly delivered to you.

Technology – We love the complication!

The supply in the boat industry might seem enormous, every manufacturer and boat has its own advantages. Why not combine all of these advantages into one boat, your dream boat? We love to incorporate your wishes and to solve all of the challenges that they might bring. By collaborating closely with you, our customer, we will design unique solutions and alterations to your boat design. Next to our great expertise, our main philosophy is to design a boat that suits your needs and preferences, because you will be the final user of our product.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a noncommittal consultation about the possibilities of your wishes and preferences on a boat. Let us contribute with our knowledge, experience, great sense of details and craftmanship on building boats. Maybe we will build your next boat together.


Niklas Holmér- The main behind the Holmér edition

Niklas Holmér co-owner of Fly Dressing together with Nicklas Bauer and Peter Bratt

Why did you let Innovator Boats build your dream boat?
“I’ve seen and experienced Jimmy’s fantastic designs before. The trust he earned and the fantastic results that he had previously delivered made the choice very easy for me. I have owned many different boats over the past few years. Often I was bothered by bad comfort, messy “solutions” or even the lack of solutions to common problems of my previous boats. Because of the great measure of humbleness of Innovator and their close collaboration, I chose Innovator as my new boat manufacturer which enabled me to finally design the boat of my dreams.”

What are the advantages of Innovator Boats according to you?
Innovator stands for affordable quality that can be recognized the finest welding. The boats are designed and manufactured to endure the Scandinavian climate by using state-of-the-art innovations.

Now that you’ve been using this boat for some time, what’s your opinion about it?
I’ve been using this boat for about two years now and I still don’t have a single complaint. Therefore, I don’t expect any complications with these boats if manufactured according to these high quality standards. The boat is amazingly stable and performs exceptionally well on rough, open waters, which is a great feature for me and my family.



FACTS: The INNOVATOR 62HE in numbers

Length: 6,20 m
Width: 2,4 m
Max engine power: 350 hk
Weight without engine: 870kg

Tank content: 150 L
Draught: 0,35 m
Number of passengers: 6 persons
Heel rear 18° front 46°

About us

5 Years ago, Jimmy Carlson founded Innovator Boats. He built his first boat in his self-built shed, which also gave room to horses, a workshop and a recreational area. It is situated right next to the small town Furusjö in the western area of the Habo Kommun. On the same grounds, he also built his own home and later on, a whole new workshop which he has been using non-stop ever since.

The reason for choosing to create aluminum boats was because he wanted to integrate wheels and a drawbar into the boat itself. The first boat that he built, the INNOVATOR 575 had all of these features and functioned properly. However, Jimmy could not stop there and wanted to integrate many more aspects into the boat, causing it to become bigger and heavier. The goal was to not let the total weight of the boat exceed 750 kg in order for it to be treated as an unrestrained trailer. Unfortunately, the final weight of the boat together with a 90 BHP engine turned out to be as much as 900 kg.

Nevertheless, the INNOVATOR 575 was a successful proof-of-concept for Jimmy. Future plans are to build innovative boats with integrated wheels with lengths between 4 and 4.5 meter.

Innovator 62HE – (Holmér Edition)
Niklas Holmer, co-owner of Fly Dressing together with Niklas Bauer and Peter Bratt, heard about this INNOVATOR 575 boat and wanted to know more about it. After a test ride, Niklas decided that INNOVATOR Boats would be the perfect company to build him a new boat. He was impressed by a boat that was so quiet, stable and that came into plane so quickly and just had to own one himself. This resulted in a collaboration for building Niklas the boat of his dreams. With a 40-year experience in fishing, he had a clear vision of what his perfect boat would be. The result of this collaboration was the Innovator 62HE.

Two persons joined him in his journey. The first is his twin brother Joakim Asander, who has 20 years of experience in the truck branche as a mechanic and builder. He is a welder of high-regard and a driven pike fisherman. Joakim is also the better soccer player of the two, at least that’s what he’s convinced of himself.

The other person that became part of the team is Marcell Binnenkamp, the flying Dutchman from the Netherlands. Marcell has a passion for fishing, especially for pike and pikeperch. He also won the Predatortour in Norway amongst others. With a 32-year background in sheet-metal working and welding of mainly stainless steel and aluminum, he is an incredibly renowned and precise craftsman with multiple relevant educations and diplomas.

Together, we are Innovator Boats i Habo AB. We are passionate for creating smart, innovative and creative technical solutions. We love a challenge. Only when our customers are excited and fully satisfied, we will take on a new project to build the world’s best boat, all day every day.

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